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American people spend on average $177 dollars every year on weight loss products. Overweight people spend a considerable amount more than that, some noting that they spend $1000’s every year on new diets!

Our goal is to help you to curb your spending habits, lose weight and spend your money on things that you enjoy in life. It does not have to be like this. You can lose weight for much cheaper…and the last thing a diet should be is a financial strain.

Like some of the bigger industries, dieting is full of companies that are in “it” for the wrong reasons. They would rather make money than truly help people out.

Because of this we are going to show you some diets to look out for and to avoid.

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Expensive Pre-Package Food Diets

Weight loss can be and should be affordable. Often times an actual diet plan and guide do cost money, but extra expense and fees outside of this should be kept to a minimum.

Sure there may be a small, one-time investment to lose weight. Really, there should be as you are doing something to positively impact your life and there really is no better way to spend your money than on products/services that improve your lifestyle and health.

However, some companies are just in it to make the big bucks. Some of these companies are household names…like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem. These are all companies that sell food diets.

Food diets usually require you to eat a percentage of your daily meals that are bought through the companies providing you your diet plans….not to mention, at outrageous prices.

These diets typically have a start-up fee of around $300 and then food expenses are minimum $70/week. That is over $580 for your first month alone!

These are also known as continuation programs. They are created to make the most money with the least amount of effort for these huge companies. They get you in the door on the premises that you forget about the continuation and keep on paying them even though you are not using or following through with the actual diet plan.

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Hollywood diets

If you have read a magazine or watched TV lately, you have been exposed to one of the 100’s of quick weight loss, Hollywood type diets.

“Lose 10lbs in a week”
“Lose 5 inches in 5 days”
“Look like your favorite star if you drink this formula”

All of these diets are quick, unhealthy and unsustainable weight loss program. Sure you can lose weight quickly, but you could do the same by taking part in a 48-hour famine. Of course you will lose weight if you don’t eat…this is not only horrible for your body, your brain needs food to function. Without food you are going to be very moody and unhappy!

A majority of the weight you lose from these diets comes back on the very first day that you start eating “normal” again. They give you a false sense of hope and are highly unhealthy and toxic to your body.

Here are some of the most ridiculous diets like this out there out there:

-Hollywood Diet (juice with vitamins!)
-Grapefruit Diet (eating grapefruits all day!)
-Cookie Diet (there is no such thing as healthy cookies!)
-Hot Dog Diet (are they out of their minds!)

We would like you to take these fad diets with a grain of salt and save your money. They are unhealthy and the results that they produce are temporary!

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Magic Diet Pills

A large number of Americans have resorted to weight loss pills to shed pounds. There are so many companies coming out with these pills that it is easy to lose track.
Many pills simply drain the necessary fluid content of your body making you feel thin. The unnecessary body fats are still there, so this really does not prove to be a proper solution.
Some other pills curb your hunger and your cravings will automatically disappear. Is starving yourself really a solution? Absolutely not!
Natural weight loss pills typically contain ingredients that are found within foods that you already eat. Many of them include caffeine as the main ingredient, an element that naturally curbs hunger, increases metabolism and energy…this is something that could be found in a simple cup of coffee however, not some expensive “weight loss miracle”.

Pills are also very expensive. You are looking at $60 per month for pills and it is very easy to spend in the $100’s on some of the more expensive ones. Save your money people!

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Secret Ab Equipment

The latest and greatest ab machine will help you lose 50lbs in 10 days. What a crock. You have ab rollers, ab jumpers, ab twisters and ab rockers! Having a low body fat to muscle ratio makes you look fit.

There are 100’s of ab programs, spanning from ab aerobics, to machines that look like they could launch you to outer space. The problem is that sure, you can build your abdominal muscles with some of these machines, but build abs (which are a very small muscle), will not doing anything about the fat that covers up your abs.

Next time you hear “have amazing abs in 30 days”, remember what you are reading here. Unless you have a healthy diet and eat the “right” foods and do the “right” exercise, you will not have the trim stomach you have always wanted.

The combination of healthy diet and a regular exercise routine to get in shape!

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There you have it…4 things that you should be looking out for! Remember, anyone can lose weight if they have access to a proper diet that emphasizes healthy eating and the right exercises.

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Top Weight Loss Products Reviewed Below

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#1 Strip That Fat Diet System
Diet Rank: #1
Calorie Guide: Yes
Diet Generator : Yes
Product Quality :
Price: $47 + BONUSES
Calorie Guide: Iron Clad 60-Day Money Back

Reasons: Strip That Fat has many advantages over other diets, the main one being that ANYONE can do it.  After going through many new diets every year, this is one that really exceeds expectations. 
You can personally create your very own diets using the STF Diet Creation tool.  There are over 40,000 different two week diet combinations that you can create.  Within the first two weeks using the diet system provided to you, it is possible to lose up to 10lbs…a lot of that being PURE FAT!

This product is worth every penny and more. There are products that cost $100’s/mth that are weak into comparison to Strip That Fat! If you read and apply what you learn within Strip That Fat guide, YOU WILL LOSE weight.

It includes some of the most practical and easy-to-implement weight loss techniques that will not only lose you weight in the short term, they are sustainable for long term weight loss.  You can eat as much as you want on this diet and the extra bonuses you get when you sign-up are worth the price along.  Remember, don't forget to try the STF Diet Creator which will generate a 14 day diet plan for you on the fly in an easy to print document (they even provide a shopping list for you!!).

We rank this product #1 in the weight loss industry.

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#2 Top Secret Fat Loss Secret
Diet Rank: #2
Calorie Guide:No
Diet Generator : No
Product Quality :
Price: $57
Calorie Guide: Iron Clad 60-Day Money Back

Reasons:Top Secret Fat Loss Secret takes a unique approach with their diet.  This book is written by Dr. Suzanne Gundakunstan and is based on the idea that fat is built up around the vital organs in a bid to stop more toxins from building up.  This includes the midsection, buttocks, thighs, etc…the fat that is typically the most difficult to get rid of.

The theory is that if you flush these toxins from your body, you will also flush away some of this stubborn fat. It also discusses parasites that can adversely affect your metabolism which is also quite interesting.

Overall, this book is a good read, however it does not provide any real solutions for long term weight loss like some of the other books.  It does however cover techniques that you can apply to “clense” you system, leading to small and short term weight loss.

We do recommend our highest ranked product, but Top Secret Fat Loss Secret comes in highly regarded as our #2 ranked diets.

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#3 Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Diet Rank: #3
Calorie Guide: No
Diet Generator : Yes
Product Quality :
Price: $55.95
Calorie Guide: 60-Day

Reasons:The last thing you want to do is try a diet that is overly complex.  The simplicity of Fat Loss 4 Idiots makes it very easy to use and some of the weight loss techniques that they outline are very good.

This Fat Loss 4 Idiots system is composed of a short guide outlining the weight loss system.  The information is conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner, however it can be a little sparse sometimes not giving quite “enough” information.

Overall, this book is good and it also includes a pretty good diet generator like our top ranked system.  The book does contain quality information that will help you lose weight, but some of their claims like losing 9lbs every 10 days may not be entirely realistic.

Overall, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is our #3 ranked diet.  It is definitely better than average!

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#4 Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
Diet Rank: #4
Calorie Guide: No
Diet Generator : No
Product Quality :
Price: $59.95
Calorie Guide: 60-Day

Reasons:Burn the fat, feed to muscle is a sound exercise and weight loss book. An e-book that has been created by bodybuilding champion Tom Venuto, it attempts to teach people all aspects of losing weight while gaining muscle.

Focusing on building muscle can be a good thing as you will burn more calories, however sometimes the ultimate goal of people looking to lose weight is not to become full of muscles, rather thinner.

Burn That Fat is very comprehensive, with 100’s of pages in content.  This can be both good and bad as it can become very difficult to understand what direction you should take after reading unless you take notes.  It is lacking a solid diet plan system like our higher rated products.

This is a quality book and does contain 6 bonuses which do add some value.  It is our #4 ranked product

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#5 Turbulance Training
Diet Rank: #5
Calorie Guide: No
Diet Generator : Yes
Product Quality :
Price: $97
Calorie Guide: 60-Day

Reasons:The Turbulence Training workout program consists of a 6-week introductory program, and a 4-week intermediate program in addition to the 16-week advanced training phase.

This is a high intensity, low volume type of work out.  If you have ever been to the gym, it is like doing very heavy sets with low repetitions that will build muscle mass much quicker; however it is not entirely practical for those that are looking for low impact, low intensity exercises.  This book is more geared towards people looking to become athlete versus the person looking to lose that stubborn fat with their boot-camp-esque workouts.

These techniques will help you get fit and will work if you try them, but the rigorous nature of the work-outs may not be good for everyone.  All of our top 5 diets do cover the importance of gaining more muscle to increase your overall metabolism and calories burned.  This is very important and is the premises of this book.

Overall this is our 5th favorite dieting product on the market and the deluxe version does include 10 bonus guides, so it is still a great product.  It is a little more expensive at $97 than our other products, so this cost may not be suitable for all.

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